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Flower Trials Results Summary

Location: Hanoi Agricultural University, Vietnam

For some kinds of flowering plants, Spray-N-Grow increases the number of flowers; flower size increases, and better duration in preservation time than control experiment.

On rose and gladiolus plants, Spray-N-Grow increases the diameter of flower, flower’s stalk, and the rate of the most beautiful flower increase than unsprayed control.

In short, Spray-N-Grow is one kind of poisonless and unpolluted micronutrient complex being maneuvered through the leaves in order to stimulate the process of growth in some kinds of plants and also increases the quality and productivity of products. Spray-N-Grow has a special effect on cereal trees, fruit trees, vegetables and flowers.

Note: Trial results were submitted to Spray-N-Grow in Vietnamese. The text above is taken from the exact translation, with no corrections to grammar or idioms.

We guarantee that your Spray-N-Grow treated crops will produce more than your control plot of the same size and type. Conduct your own trial. Treat both plots the same (fertilizer, water, pesticides, etc.) with the only variable being Spray-N-Grow. Follow all mixing and application directions. At harvest you’ll see the difference! If you are not satisfied, we’ll send a prompt refund.

No questions asked.

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