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Apple Trials – Connell Reds & Haralsons

Location: Jimmy Appleseed Orchard – Spicer, Minnesota

To: Joe Cosante & Bill J. Muskopf
From: Jimmy Appleseed Orchard

Because of excellent results achieved in 1992 (see Spray-N-Grow Apple Trials 1992 / Dr. Joseph Cosante & Jimmy Appleseed Apple Trials 1993). The Minnesota trials were continued by the orchard owner through 1994.

1994 Report on Spray-N-Grow

Spray-N-Grow Schedule
June 10, 1994: 70 degrees, 170 ounces in 140 gallons of water
July 5, 1994: 78 degrees, 170 ounces in 140 gallons of water

We used about 32 gallons per acre. The apples also received a regular schedule of sprays according to the 1994 New England Pest Management Guide.

Winter Weather Conditions
The 1993-1994 winter was very cold and windy. We lost almost 10% of our trees to winter injury. Many of the remaining trees had their fruit buds injured and did not bear fruit this year.

Summer Weather Conditions
We had a beautiful summer. There was ample sunshine and rain. We didn’t have a frost until after all the apples were picked.

Results We treated our Haralsons with Spray-N-Grow for the first time this year. The results were great! We had better color than we have ever had. The apples were ripe earlier – this is very important to us because we are so far north we have a shorter growing season. We achieved the same results with our Haralson apples as we had with the Connell Reds.

We will continue to use Spray-N-Grow. We will use it on the whole orchard next year. It is as important for the Haralsons as the Connell Reds.

Thank you for including us in your study.

We guarantee that your Spray-N-Grow treated crops will produce more than your control plot of the same size and type. Conduct your own trial. Treat both plots the same (fertilizer, water, pesticides, etc.) with the only variable being Spray-N-Grow. Follow all mixing and application directions. At harvest you’ll see the difference! If you are not satisfied, we’ll send a prompt refund.

No questions asked.

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