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Asparagus Field Trial

Edgardo Arciniega
Hearny, S.A.
Date: 1994
Location:Lima, Peru

Despite the comparatively low prices for top grade asparagus in Peru as compared to the USA, the grower still made a nice increase in profit. Plots were one hectare each (1 ha = 2.5 acres). Production is given in kilograms.
One Kg = 2.2 lbs (ie. 10 Kg = 22 lbs, 1,000 Kg = 2,200 lbs)

Quality Control Spray-N-Grow Treated % Change
Grade A 8,242 10,896 +32.2%
Grade B 3,268 3,258 -0.3%
Grade C 2,479 2,125 -14.3%
TOTAL 13,989 16,280 +16.4%
Quality Control Price per Kg Total Value
Grade A 8,242 Kg US $1.00 $8,242.00
Grade B 3,268 Kg US $1.00 $3,268.00
Grade C 2,479 Kg US $0.20 $496.00
TOTAL 13,989 Kg   $12,006.00
Quality Treated Price per Kg Total Value
Grade A 10,896 Kg US $1.00 $10,896.00
Grade B 3,258 Kg US $1.00 $3,258.00
Grade C 2,125 Kg US $0.20 $425.00
TOTAL 16,279 Kg   $14,578.00
The additional income from the Spray-N-Grow lot is $2,572.00. The spears from Spray-N-Grow treated asparagus were larger, and when trimmed to standard size, by the processing plant, lost 22% by weight. Despite the loss, the treated lot still yielded $2,008.00 above the untreated lot.

If we subtract the cost of the Spray-N-Grow and it’s application, the grower is still left with a net gain of $1,808.00, which represents an additional 19.3% profit over the untreated lot.

We guarantee that your Spray-N-Grow treated crops will produce more than your control plot of the same size and type. Conduct your own trial. Treat both plots the same (fertilizer, water, pesticides, etc.) with the only variable being Spray-N-Grow. Follow all mixing and application directions. At harvest you’ll see the difference! If you are not satisfied, we’ll send a prompt refund.

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