Organic Wetting Agent

Coco-Wet is a natural, nonionic wetting agent that improves the absorption of all nutrient products. Liquid nutrients work better when a wetting agent is used because they aid the spreading and wetting properties of liquids. This is especially important when using foliar nutrition products like Spray-N-Grow and Bill's Perfect Fertilizer.

Made from coconut oil, Coco-Wet is safe to use. It is also nonionic making it compatible with all nutrients. When mixed with concentrates, Coco-Wet also keeps products in suspension without the need for agitation. Add Coco-Wet to Spray-N-Grow, Bills' Perfect Fertilizer or other liquid nutrients to obtain maximum benefits from all of your products.

- Can be used with all nutrients
- Nonionic, compatible with all nutrient products
- Increases uptake of nutrients’ water
- Keeps products in suspension
- Highly recommended for use with Spray-N-Grow & Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer