Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient

Spray-N-GrowSpray-N-Grow is a micronutrient complex that contains naturally occurring minor elements necessary for plant growth and development that are not contained in regular fertilizer including iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and others. Spray-N-Grow is used as a foliar supplement in conjunction with regular fertilizing program. It is proven and guaranteed to produce results.

  • Increases yield by weight and fruit size
  • Increases blooming and fruit set
  • Increases growth rate for earlier development
  • Increases brix, dry matter, vitamin C and mineral content
  • Improves root development for better nutrient and water uptake
  • Increases microbial activity in soil to restore a more natural fertility
  • Relieves salt stress situations caused by over fertilization
  • Prolongs storage life of fruits, vegetables and flowers 

Vegetables and row crops

  • Higher yields by weight and number
  • Larger vegetables with better color
  • Higher soluble solids
  • Larger plants/larger leaves
  • Better developed root structure

Tree fruit

  • Increased fruit-set (if needed)
  • Larger fruit and better color
  • Higher brix
  • Better internal pressures (at harvest & after storage)
  • Larger plants/larger leaves
  • Larger trees with large stock diameter
  • Better developed root structure


  • More blooms
  • Larger blooms
  • Better color
  • Longer lasting color
  • Larger plants, larger leaves
  • Larger stem diameter
  • Better developed root structure






We guarantee that your Spray-N-Grow treated crops will produce more than your control plot of the same size and type. Conduct your own trial. Treat both plots the same (fertilizer, water, pesticides, etc.) with the only variable being Spray-N-Grow. Follow all mixing and application directions. At harvest you’ll see the difference! If you are not satisfied, we’ll send a prompt refund.

No questions asked.

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