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Soluble Solids of Tomatoes

A.E. Nightingale, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Horticultural Sciences
Texas A&M University
Date: Spring 1991
Variety: Sunny
Forty uniform plants were selected from a 10 acre block. Twenty were sprayed with Spray-N-Grow at 1 ounce per gallon on April 26, just prior to bloom and twenty were used for control. Fruit was allowed to ripen and then harvested. Ten samples of fruit each from treated and control plants were cut and the juice tested. Brix readings were determined and recorded.

Date: 5/23
Treated Avg: 4.2
Control Avg: 3.5
Date: 5/28
Treated Avg: 3.35
Control Avg: 3.8
Date: 6/4
Treated Avg: 3.5
Control Avg: 3.2
Date: 6/13
Treated Avg: 4.5
Control Avg: 4.17

An average of 6% more soluble solids in the fruit from the treated plants indicates that further testing on other varieties and times of application is warranted to determine if a cost effective method can be developed to increase the soluble solid content through the use of Spray-N-Grow.


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