Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients

Spray-N-Grow is a unique supplement that contains 16 naturally occurring minor elements that are not found in fertilizer. Plants need these micronutrients to grow and produce to their maximum potential. Spray-N-Grow is used as a foliar supplement in conjunction with a regular fertilizing program.

In field trials by agricultural universities, ministries of agriculture and independent researchers, Spray-N-Grow is proven to: 

-Increase yield by weight and fruit size
-Increase blooming and fruit set
-Increase growth rate for earlier development
-Increase brix, soluble solids, vitamin C and mineral content
-Improve root development for better nutrient and water uptake
-Relieve salt stress situations caused by
-Prolong storage life of fruits, vegetables and flowers 

When added to your nutrition program, Spray-N-Grow is scientifically proven to increase yield, improve quality and increase profit. 

Vegetables and row crops
Higher yields by weight and number Larger vegetables with better color Higher soluble solids Larger plants/larger leaves Better developed root structure

Tree fruit
Increased fruit-set (if needed)
Larger fruit and better color
Higher brix
Larger plants with larger leaves
Larger trees with large stock diameter
Better developed root structure
Better internal pressures (at harvest & after storage)

More blooms
Larger blooms
Better color
Longer lasting color
Larger plants with larger leaves
Larger stem diameter
Better developed root structure