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Vegetable Field Trial Summary

A.E. Nightingale, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Horticultural Sciences
Texas A&M University
Date: Span of several years

Summary of Results for Multiple Field Trials

Bell Peppers: 160% yield increase by wt.
Serrano Peppers: 72% yield increase by wt.
Jalapeno Peppers: 93% yield increase by wt.
Tomatoes (Pres.): 52% yield increase by wt.
Tomatoes (Big Set): 60% yield increase by wt.
Pumpkins: 27% yield increase by wt.
Watermelons: 40% yield increase by wt.
Cucumbers: 175% yield increase by wt.
String Beans(Triumph): 187% yield increase by wt.
String Beans(KY Wonder): 163% yield increase by wt.
Purple Hull Peas: 75% yield increase by wt.
Peanuts: 32 – 50% yield increase by wt.

Spray-N-Grow treated plants were also healthier, more vibrant, more stress resistant and had a better developed root system.

All plots in Dr. Nightingale’s tests received the same fertilizer, insecticides, water, etc. Spray-N-Grow application was the only difference. According to Dr. Nightingale “fruit and vegetables produced by Spray-N-Grow treated plants were tastier, sweeter and more succulent.” The bell peppers from the treated plants had thicker walls and a sweeter flavor than the control plants.

Spray-N-Grow increased the sugar content on all plants tested – apples, grapes, and even tomatoes. Spray-N-Grow also caused most crops to mature early – some by as much as 2 to 3 weeks. Growers in Texas and Florida reported picking Spray-N-Grow treated squash 14 days before the control squash was ready.

Growers, researchers and agriculture businesses are also using and testing Spray-N-Grow on: hops, potatoes, eggplants, onions, garlic, mint, asparagus, etc.

We guarantee that your Spray-N-Grow treated crops will produce more than your control plot of the same size and type. Conduct your own trial. Treat both plots the same (fertilizer, water, pesticides, etc.) with the only variable being Spray-N-Grow. Follow all mixing and application directions. At harvest you’ll see the difference! If you are not satisfied, we’ll send a prompt refund.

No questions asked.

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