Grape Field Trials Summary

The use of Spray-N-Grow on wine, table and juice grapes has resulted in:

Increased yield
Increased sugar content
Earlier harvest
Better fruit quality
Healthier, more vigorous vines
More drought resistant plants

A two year study using Spray-N-Grow on wine grapes in New Jersey was conducted by Dr. A.E. Nightingale, professor emeritus, Texas A&M University. The results of this trial were:

Significant yield increase
Increased brix
Better juice chemistry

Dr. Nightingale also supervised a trial in Washington, where Concord grapes were treated with Spray-N-Grow. The Spray-N-Grow increased yields, increased sugar content, and induced earlier fruit maturity.
Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and LeNoir wine grapes were also part of an experiment by Dr. Nightingale. The owner of the Texas vineyard where this trial occurred would not have been impressed with a yield increase if the chemistry of the fruit had been adversely affected. As it turned out, he got impressive yield increases (16, 62 and 68% respectively) and at the same time was able to keep the fruit qualities necessary for making good wine.

Reports from wine, table, juice and raisin grape growers that are not involved in these trials confirm these results of increased yield, increased sugar, earlier ripening, increased size and overall improved quality. Many grape growers throughout the USA and many countries around the world are currently using Spray-N-Grow on their grape crops.

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