A.E. Nightingale, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Horticulture
Texas A&M University 

Dr. A.E. Nightingale was one of the first professional horticulturists to recognize the ability of Spray-N-Grow to increase yields while simultaneously improves produce quality. He began conducting field trials with Spray-N-Grow in 1985. His first trial on Yolo Wonder bell peppers fascinated him and encouraged him to do more work with Spray-N-Grow.

Dr. Nightingale conducted dozens of field trials with Spray-N-Grow and assisted other researchers as well. He concluded, “Considering the cost per acre and the over-all benefits, it is difficult to find a reason not to use Spray-N-Grow.”

After serving the U.S. Navy in WWll, Dr. Nightingale received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Rutgers University. He was a county extension agent working in commercial agriculture, in New Jersey, where he also owned and operated a farm.

He graduated with a PhD from Texas A&M University in 1965. He was a professor at Texas A&M for many years, conducting research and teaching horticulture students. He was honored as Professor Emeritus Horticulture and retired in 1989.

Click here to read Dr. Nightingale’s field trials on the effectiveness of Spray-N-Grow in agriculture. 

Dr. Lynette Morgan, PhD
SUNTEC International Hydroponics Consultants

Dr. Lynette Morgan is a world-renowned authority on hydroponic growing with a special interest in foliar feeding.

She holds a B. Hort. Tech. degree and a PhD from Massey University's Plant Science Department in New Zealand. Her thesis examined many aspects of hydroponic greenhouse vegetable production, including new production systems, nutrition, plant physiology, and the effects of nutrient solutions, environmental conditions and cultivars on fruit growth and flavor.

As partner with SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants, Dr. Morgan conducted five scientific trials on the effect of Spray-N-Grow specifically in hydroponic growing (click here to read her research)

She has authored five hydroponic technical books and is working on her sixth.