From Our Family to Your Farm

Spray-N-Grow is a family business. My parents, Bill & the late Ethel Muskopf, started our company to bring Spray-N-Grow® Micronutrients to gardeners. They loved the results it produced: more vegetables, blooms, and fruits plus stronger, healthier plants.

After getting great results in their family gardens, Amish farmers began using Spray-N-Grow® Micronutrients on their fruit and vegetable crops. A commercial apple grower in Washington treated his orchid with Spray-N-Grow® Micronutrients after he saw the results it produced on his wife’s roses (see pg. 9).

As a chemist, Bill knew farmers would want proof that Spray-N-Grow® Micronutrients produced results on commercial crops. He embarked on a research program that tested his product on 95 crops in 11 states and eight countries by agricultural universities, ministries of agriculture, and independent researchers.

The research proved Spray-N-Grow® Micronutrients increases yields, improves quality, and produces stronger, healthier plants. Farmers throughout the U.S. have confirmed that Spray-N-Grow® Micronutrients produces the same results on their farms, increasing their profit.

We offer farmers, growers, and store owners our lowest prices. Farmers who want to sell to other farmers, receive discounts on larger purchases. For stores or greenhouse owners, we sell customizable mixed cases (see pg. 11). As always, grower and store orders ship free!

Thank you for the opportunity to continue my family’s legacy to help farmers grow better crops. We wish you good weather, bountiful crops, and big profits.

All the best,
Melanie Muskopf Lyon

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